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Cancellation Policy

Panama City
​Beach Condo Rentals

We hope you enjoy Panama City Beach Condo Rentals from owners.

Panama City

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Cancellation policy

  • $250 deposit (1 bedrooms) and $500 (2 and 3 bedroom) non refundable (part of total payment).
  • Cancel 60 days out and full refund less $250/$500 (unless we can get full price from next renter).
  • Under 30 days no refund unless we can re-book and then if we must discount you get the difference back as a refund less $250.00. We have had only a couple of guests to cancel. Please give us plenty of time to re-book if you know you will need to be canceling.
  • When you make a reservation we request you mail your deposit within 2 days and we require full payment within 30 days of your stay or you loose your deposit and we re-book. If you book more than 30 days from your arrival date we request $250 deposit to take the condo off the market to be mailed to arrive to us within a couple of days or we will book to someone else if they call.
  • We have many people wanting our condos and it is first to call and book with a credit card number to hold it, first to get it. If you want to book for next summer you may want to go ahead and get your reservation in with the deposit. We are sorry to have to be strict about the cancellation but we must or it will mess up our weeks. We only rent full weeks in the summer.
  • If you tell us to charge your credit card we do not do refunds on credit cards. If you need the refund we will mail a check back after it clears or you can pay 10% off the credit card charge for processing. Please do not tell us to charge your card unless you are 100% sure you are going to go on vacation. You will loose 10% of the charge amount if we need to reverse a charge.

We have always tried to work with any who needed to cancel.